Increase your Spa and Salon Business Revenue

In today’s world, with everyone being active online 24/7, it’s very crucial to ensure that knowledge of your business reaches the public audience via a mode which is being used widely. Mobiles, tablets and smart phones are the commonest and easiest modes in the recent times. To remain ahead of competitors, you have to keep up and use a medium of marketing that would help you stay ahead.

Making your website mobile compatible is crucial for getting the bookings from your customers directly. This is advantageous to your customers as well, as they can benefit by booking appointments as per their convenience.

Make yourself visible and be active on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Make regular posts on any activities in your spa / salon on Facebook which will get the attention of new customers and also engage with the old customers. Tweet everyday about your spa features, unique offers and discounts.

Optimise your webpage with engaging pictures and content that would keep visitors on your spa site for a longer duration.

At Ekavat Limited, we create attractive web pages for your business. Talk to us for more details.

Having the right spa and salon software, which helps you track your employee activities, schedules, client information and product information will ensure that you stay ahead of the game. 4D spa and salon software is an efficient cloud based software that allows spas and salons to make the hassle free appointments for customers and keep track of staff records and client history.

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